Hector R Camacho


Hector Camacho is the CEO of Pinstripe Media Group and serves on its board of directors.

Mr. Camacho started his career in retail banking after graduating from Tufts University in Boston with a BA in Education. By the age of 25, he was managing over $148 million in deposits for Citizens Bank.

He transitioned into the dating and adult entertainment industry in 2007 when he joined Online Buddies Inc., an international leader in online gay dating, as director of advertising and affiliate marketing.

After five years at Online Buddies, Camacho was recruited and moved to Montréal to join Gamma Entertainment’s Buddy Profits as its Managing Director. While at Buddy Profits, Camacho helped grow its portfolio of gay membership sites from 12 to more than 40, including stewarding the acquisitions and successful integrations of multiple multi-million-dollar assets.

Hector returned to Online Buddies in July 2015 as VP of Product, Sales & Marketing; he was named CEO in November of the same year. While at Online Buddies, Hector was responsible for driving corporate vision, creating strategic clarity and stimulating product innovation for gay dating products with over 17 million users across multiple platforms including web, mobile, iTunes Store and Google Play.

In 2018, Mr. Camacho co-founded Pinstripe Media Group when he felt it was the right time to bring more than 10 years of adult entertainment, and executive management experience to his role with the company as CEO.

Hector is also co-founder and Managing Director of No-Monkeys Group, established in 2015 as a boutique web marketing, development solutions, and production services company.

Camacho is responsible for driving technology, operations management, and business strategy for Pinstripe Media; as well as ensuring the company maintains focus on its mission to deliver on “Are you ready for Perfect?”

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