Pinstripe Media Launches New Amateur Site


Pinstripe Cash has launched, its second original membership site by adult entertainment company, Pinstripe Media Group.

The AmateurGayPOV site features exclusive POV videos delving into taboo scenarios – inviting viewers to “join in on the fantasy”. The site creates a more immersive, less voyeuristic experience for the viewer; and makes it appear as if the viewer were taking part in the sex acts on screen.

“We’re excited to announce the expansion of our portfolio of membership sites. We have been focused on growing and, and now we’re ready for our new project – AGP!” said Hector Camacho, Pinstripe’s CEO.

The site is fully responsive – optimized for web, tablet, and handheld mobile viewing; and will update weekly on Fridays. Numerous membership plans will be offered including Trials, Unlimited Streaming, and All-Access Memberships.

Additionally, members will enjoy access to the full content library of And yes, Masqulin members will have access to AmateurGayPOV by the end of the day!

The site is now LIVE and ready for promotion at, where Ad Tools are available – including Content Zips and Downloadable Videos.

To celebrate the launch of, Pinstripe Cash will run discounted monthly memberships at 40% percent off from Thursday, May 13th to Thursday, June 3rd.

A Special Edition Newsletter was sent this morning with promo content for all released videos including default tour or trailer page link codes.

For more information, contact Ewan French at [email protected].