Reno Gold, Pinstripe Media Group Team Up To Launch Membership Site


Montreal, Canada: Pinstripe Media Group has partnered with top award-winning social media star and performer, Reno Gold, to launch, a new membership site powered by Pinstripe Cash.

The site will showcase Reno Gold’s exclusive library of pro-am content, as well as the option for members to request custom videos, and personal one-on-one interactions through online chat.

Reno Gold states: “Ever since I saw my first porn I knew I wanted to be a pornstar. Now, I’ve taken that dream even farther by launching my very own porn studio. I started in the adult industry at 18 webcam modeling and dancing, which eventually led me to OnlyFans. I love being in front of the camera but what I learned from creating my own content is that I really liked having creative control over my scenes and conceptualizing them myself. I wanted even more creative control when it came to my actual platform so I created with the help of Pinstripe Media.”

Reno Gold will direct and release 2 new scenes of other performers, along with 4 solo scenes, and 2 new boy/boy scenes every month.

“Some guys I’ve been shooting have never done porn before and I enjoy mentoring them and creating a killer first scene. I hope to keep pushing the boundaries and expanding the content repertoire on There’s so much more to come.”

CEO of Pinstripe Media Hector Camacho added, “There is a very palpable feeling of excitement here at Pinstripe Cash. Through his unique style and drive, we have watched Reno Gold become one of the top self-made adult content creators in the world, and have no doubt that he will become porn’s new golden boy. We are exhilarated to be working together.”

To commemorate the launch, RenoGold website subscriptions will be offered at an introductory rate through October 27th and the site is ready for promotion now, at

For questions or more information, contact [email protected].