For the first time in gay porn HIStory, performers are producing and directly marketing their content to their fans – and it has revolutionized the porn market. Now, Pinstripe Cash through its TopFanVids website is taking this movement even further! We have built a Flixxx✛ by Porn Performers — a subscription network website featuring amateur independently produced content!

Fans will be able to subscribe and watch Top Fan Content, All In One Place!

Performers who join the TopFanVids network will earn 90% Lifetime Revenue-Share from active referrals and additional revenues from upsells to existing members. TopFanVids is a streaming-only subscription website — no downloads! And, we use a state-of-the-art video player that blocks attempts by users to download a video.

In addition to your own referrals, TopFanVids will leverage the power of its Affiliate Marketing platform, PinstripeCash, to promote your content by thousands of affiliates around the world.



TopFanVids – Flixxx✛ by Porn Performers