MenatPlay Goes Condom-Free


Pinstripe Media Group has announced that it’s award-winning paysite, MenatPlay, has released its first condom-free production in the site’s 15-year history.

The movie titled ‘Nymphomaniac Consultation’ features fan-favorites Dani Robles and Bruno Max where it’s all about excessive sexual desires with suits on, condoms off.

Beginning in 2004, under previous ownership, MenatPlay was exclusively a condom-only studio. However, MenatPlay’s new owners recently polled its members about what they enjoyed about the site and how they could improve their experience; the overwhelming response was that they wanted occasional condom-free productions.

“We are committed to meeting our member’s expectations in all areas of the production of MenatPlay movies featuring the best suited man-on-man action. And, we did not take lightly the decision to begin occasionally producing condom-free movies. We have always believed that the purpose when filming is to provide fantasy scenarios within a safe environment. The MenatPlay team believe in safer sex practices and encourage our fans to make informed decisions when it comes to safe sex.” said Hector Camacho, Pinstripe’s CEO.

A Responsible Producer Statement has been added to the site where it briefly outlines MenatPlay’s testing and production guidelines for non-condom productions.

Visit MenatPlay online at and follow them on Twitter. For more information, email [email protected].