Pinstripe Launches All-New Raw Fantasies Site,!


July 31, 2019 –

Pinstripe Cash has launched, MASQULIN.COM, its first original premium bareback membership site by the recently founded adult entertainment company, Pinstripe Media Group.

The site features exclusive bareback videos starring masculine men who experience passionate sex together. The Masqulin men are 3 for 3: attractive faces, masculine appearance and with uncomplicated confidence!

“There is a real palpable feeling of excitement at Pinstripe as we announce the expansion of our portfolio of membership sites. We have been planning, producing and developing the Masqulin brand and project since we acquired Menatplay, which has shown great growth. We’re definitely ready for our next adventure. Fans of masculine performers in raw fantasies will enjoy this new content and site. ” said Hector Camacho, Pinstripe’s CEO.

Masqulin will feature original series’ including ‘Fuckerbate’ and ‘Motel Slutsville’ with many more to come. Videos are produced by top directors around the globe in direct collaboration with the Pinstripe creative team based in Montreal. The site will launch with two new performers Markus Kage, a former Canadian professional fighter and Igor Romani, a Montreal resident with a pretty face and an exquisite body; with a few more surprise performances coming soon after launch.

The site is fully responsive – optimized for web, tablet, and handheld mobile viewing; and will update twice weekly. Numerous membership plans will be offered including Trials, Unlimited Streaming, and All-Access Memberships.

The site is now ready for promotion at, where Ad Tools are available.

For more information, contact the Pinstripe Team at [email protected].