MENatPLAY Celebrates Its 15-Year Anniversary


October 9, 2019 –

To mark 15-years as the world’s premier place for suited man-on-man action, MENatPLAY will offer a $15 a Month for Life Unlimited Streaming membership for a limited time starting this Friday, October 11th.

Pinstripe Cash, the site’s affiliate program, will join in the celebration by offering it’s affiliate partners this special plan during a two-week promotion.

“Thank you for ‘playing’ with us! This anniversary is a significant achievement as we celebrate 15 years of filming the hottest businessmen having fiery, high-powered passionate gay sex in expensive suits. To commemorate this realization, MENatPLAY will scour our vault and begin to release bonus bi-weekly compilations of some of the best we’ve filmed; starting with ‘MENatPLAY’s Best Cum Shots, Part 1’. Additionally, we have again begun filming popular themes like doctor examinations and wet and messy productions.” said Hector Camacho, CEO of Pinstripe.

MENatPLAY was acquired by Pinstripe Media Group in March of this year; and since has seen a resurgence in members with an appetite for watching real men play. The site has a library of more than 750+ movies and videos, a stand-alone On-Demand store, and a new Member’s Forum.

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